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36 Step Structural Plan

Getting you back into a safe space

This is a unique 36-step structural rehabilitation programme designed to correct, identify and treat misalignment patterns from the bottom of your feet through to the top of your neck. The goal is to get you back into a safe space and stop the damage getting worse.

You’ll see your practitioner 36 times. Every time you come in, you’ll be treated (adjusted) with a specific adjustment for your postural distortion patterns. You’ll also be shown the next exercise in a personal educational programme.

We start with simple, single misalignment patterns and corrective exercises, for example, exercises to help with translation of the neck to the right-hand side. As the programme continues, we work on more complex issues and exercises that deal with the whole spine.

We will be teaching you exercises that will help you for the rest of your life. As you progress through the steps, you learn more and more. We believe in patient empowerment and education. It’s about knowing exactly what a practitioner is doing, and why. And how you can help yourself live a healthier, pain-free life.