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Slipped Disc

The intervertebral disc is the cushion in the joints between the drones of the spine

A slipped disc is a term used to describe a tear in the outer fibrous ring (annulus fibrosis) that allows the softer gel in the middle of the disc to bulge beyond the damaged outer rings. Clinically we refer to this as a disc herniation.

 A disc herniation is more common in certain parts of the spine where the stresses of standing up and sitting down are transferred such as in the low back and neck. Very rarely is it found in the mid back. It is usually a combination of poor posture over a prolonged period of time which creates a weakness and then a subsequent trauma that causes the damage to the disc. Sometimes the trauma can be as little as bending over to pick something up.

Chiropractic treatment of a disc herniation is aimed at reducing the area of pain and inflammation and then restoring structure of the spine to a safe place to prevent further damage to the disc and allow it to heal. Treatment will include gentle spinal adjustments to correct the spine, traction to stretch the ligaments and exercises to strengthen the muscles.