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Virtual Reality

Spinal Modelling with Virtual Reality

At Back to Health, you can see and walk around a full-sized human spine in fully immersive Virtual Reality as part of an assessment.

Watch our amazing coverage on the ITV London news - or the whole incredible story below.

"You put on a pair of goggles, and a full-sized person appears in front of you that you can actually walk around and see from any angle. The practitioner moves the spine to your actual shape and shows you where you've got any damage or are outside the safe zones. It's real eye-opener."

First, you see an ideal spine, then using real X-Rays, we map your actual postural angles to our Virtual Reality models, so that you can really see your own personal alignment and the position of any degeneration, like osteoarthritis.

If your spine is misaligned or in an unsafe position and you exercise on top of that, it just creates more damage that we can help you prevent.

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